Still wasting food? Think about poor.


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World  is getting very small today. It’s also very global. Global in everything.  Education, research, economics, politics.  How are we in this global world? Do we care of what’s around us?

We are university people.  We learn how to bring knowledge  and technologies to our tomorrow’s world. We see the future in 4D  or even 5D technologies and printers. We can’t imagine yet, but we heard  a lot about   different stuff-things  connected by  internet,  communicating  and performing different hardly understandable tasks.

What about other people in the planet? Are they OK as we are? Healthy, well nourished, enjoying life?

The new Development agenda for the world has been approved by the heads of 195 states at the end of last  September. It has 17 goals taking care about the world. Eliminating hunger is still a big challenge. Having enough of basic food is still a dream for close to a billion poor in a planet. Many of them are children. Undernourished, often hungry, but still smiling.

What about us in Europe. Do you know how much of food we eat is wasted? 30 to 40 %.  Do we think about those  almost billion of poor people? We should. We have to. It’s also about us. We are all  citizens of the same planet.